Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting Comparisons


Before we start with the things, we want to let you know that there are two common things which are the website and hosting.

While Everyone knows about websites that this is a unique name for your blog or website with a .com, in, .net, .org or many more extensions.

You can get the domains from many websites like Godaddy, Namecheap, Bigrock or any other provider.

Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting Comparisons
 Cloud Hosting vs. Shared Hosting Comparisons

What is hosting?

The second thing is Web Hosting; this thing is the web space you need to lease to store your website data, content and all the stuff over there. The website is just a door but hosting is the main space like the home inside.

Now hope you guys know what the hosting means. Time to talk about hostings in details. The shared hosting is the part of web hosting from the history of the hosting.

While cloud hosting or Cloud VPS fist came on web hosting since 1996, and from its startup, it is getting more good views.

Shared hosting Vs. Cloud hosting

Let’s talk about the difference between the two, Shared hosting vs. Cloud hosting to check out the differences. First, we going to explain to you about shared Linux or window based hosting and second is cloud-based VPS hosting.

What is shared hosting?

As its name Shared hosting refers to the web hosting plans that have more than one websites hosted together on shared resources on the server.

In other words, there is a single server computer which is hosting multiple websites on the same disk space, bandwidth, storage, and databases.

  • Cost

Shared hosting is cheap because there is a single server which is shared by multiple users.

This is the best option for the new bloggers who need a self-hosted website, but it’s not that much best option for the people who have lots of traffic on their websites.

  • Shared hosting Servers

The shared hosting comes with various things like UK based server, India based server (a little bit more costly) and many more.

India based server has a good response time and DNS speed for Indian users because the servers are not planted in other countries so it will respond fast to the Indian users on your website.

  • Drives on Shared hosting

Shared hosting comes with 2 types of drivers. First Normal Hard Drive which has average speed while transferring data from drive to users and second is SSD storage which is faster than normal hard drives; it will give you a good load time on the devices.

What is Cloud Hosting?

In cloud hosting your website is hosted on the cluster of servers instead of having the site on one server. In the case of any issue, your site will be migrated to other servers present on the cloud.

This is based on cloud computing technology which allows it enables various machines to work in synchrony as one element.

The best thing about cloud hosting is its speed and flexibility. It can handle lots of traffic on your website without any problem or error.

Features Comparison

  • Uptime

Most of the shared hosting will guarantee you of 99.99% uptime. However, it is very challenging to live on the commitment. The major reason for this is the shared nature of the services.

In this case, if one website hosted on a shared hosting service get high traffic and live users, it could cause downtime issues for the all the sites running on the same server.


  • Shared Hosting

In a shared hosting service, the main security is based on the databases and applications which can be the cause of vulnerable to hackers.

If someone got access to one shared hosting server, he could easily get access to all the websites hosted on the same server.

And once a site is hacked the hackers mostly leave a back door over there to gain entry on that website later.

  • Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting security system deals with the issues with the security controls. There are 4 min controls behind the cloud hosting security architecture.

  • Preventative Controls
  • Deterrent Controls
  • corrective Controls
  • Detective Controls


  • Shared Hosting

Servers of shared hosting are mostly powering full of capacity because they are shared between lots of users on the same server.

This means if one website gets suddenly bulk traffic then other sites will be affected with the slow speed which means terrible load times.

In this case, users have to wait until the issue is resolved to get back their normal site speed.

  • Cloud Hosting

These all things come down to the distribution of resources. Servers who are running cloud hosting, In another hand, allocate all the resources to your one site.

When a hardware issue detects, your website will not be stuck on the nonfunctional server.


  • Shared Hosting Price

Sharing service space is always cheap for the websites. This main reason is resources are shared as well as the cost of the service is also spread out across all the customers of the server.

With shared hosting, the payments can be done for a monthly plan or locked down for a year or 3 years plans as well. In fact to get it for lowers prices you need to to get the plan for a more extended period.

  • Cloud Hosting Price

Most of the cloud hosting users will say that they don’t pay for the service on cloud hosting when they are not using the services. The cost will be come down to the things if how you build your structure.

If you are using paid apps in the cloud and don’t use them, you will get expensive bills probably. If you set your objectives and plans, you will have a cheaper bill.


Here is our cloud hosting vs. shared hosting summary, shared hosting is good when it comes on pricing and perfect for those who have a low budget or small business owner because they will get access to all the basic features.

While the cloud is a little bit more costly and complicated, not recommended for beginners. Hope you like the article

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