Top 7 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shared Hosting

Top 7 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shared Hosting
 7 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting means that a physical server and the resources hosted on it are usually shared among multiple users.

Each user on the shared hosting platform has been assigned a limited number of services, such as disk space, traffic, FTP accounts, databases and e-mail accounts as well as many other services.

Before deciding whether you want to use a shared hosting option for your website, it is essential to understand what you are going to achieve and whether the deficiencies are being expected.

This will allow you to decide whether this is the right hosting option for your website or blog. Shared hosting provides many benefits that businesses and individuals can take advantage of while using it.

1. Cost Effectiveness

The fact that shared web hosting is usually offered at an affordable price is probably the biggest advantage. As low as $ 5- $ 10, you can get great benefits from shared hosting services.

Apart from this, due to strong competition due to many web hosting companies in the market, more space can be made. Nowadays, sharing hosting 40 GB storage space is not impossible.

2. Optimization

Although shared hosting resources are shared between multiple users, the website still manages the site using the control panel tool. Using the control panel is secure and a powerful tool that lets you customise your website.

The checkbox allows users to manage multiple features, such as uploading files and images and checking site statistics. This means that shared hosting also allows for some customisation.

3. Feature

We all want convenience while doing our daily work, and it involves website management. With shared hosting, your web hosting is led by highly professional and well-trained experts, who provide you with the right convenience. This means that you can focus on running your website business.

4. Capacity

Significant aspects of web hosting include storage space and bandwidth provided by the server. This is bandwidth which helps business owners run their business efficiently. As mentioned earlier, shared hosting can provide you with enough bandwidth to help add more resources to your site.

These are some advantages that offer shared web hosting. Although there are some disadvantages to it, as you will see below, your choice depends on your business needs. Now consider the loss of shared hosting:

5. Accidents

It is a cold, strict truth that must be unfortunately open. Although you can quickly get a reputable web hosting provider, the reliability of shared hosting is always questionable. Despite all the active measures, installing thousands of websites on the server fails the machine.

6. Performance

Display of your sites in a shared hosting plan may also be a problem. Let’s use a simple example, which actually may happen all the time.

For example, if your site has moderate traffic, and other user experiences a sudden increase in traffic into the server. A sudden change in a user’s traffic may have some direct impact on your website’s performance.

So it takes forever to load pages. If they want to know elsewhere, then it can be very disappointing for your visitors.

7. Security

With cybercrime increasing every day, you have to make sure your site is secure. Unfortunately, security is another important aspect of shared hosting.

Perhaps the problem has increased by webmasters of independence gained from hosting companies.

To misuse of HT Access or any other sensitive items, it takes only one of the webmasters in a shared hosting environment that destroys the server.

It can provide intruders access to your data, especially if you are unfamiliar with programming languages. In the worst case, if your server issues problems then your website can be blacklisted.

Fortunately, to solve these disadvantages can be explained by finding the right web hosting company that has the proper technique and knowledge to solve these problems.


Here is the article on the Top benefits and disadvantages of share-hosting services. Hope you guys like the article and understand the facts and main problems and useful thing about this hosting plan. If you have any question or query, do comment below in comment section. We will try to clear your all doubts.




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